Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you have questions about skilled nursing services. Here are a few of the questions we answer most frequently. If you have more questions please contact us – we’re here to help.

1) When is it time to consider moving into a “skilled nursing facility”?

When evaluating a senior it’s important to look at the ADL list because it will touch on points when nursing home care could be required:

In short, each resident is different and requires separate care levels.

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2) What available options are there for paying for nursing care at Stella Manor?

Personal Resources, Medicaid, Long Term Care Insurance, Medicare/Medicare advantage plans and Medicare supplemental plans for skilled care are several options available to nursing home patients. Personnel in the Social Services department and Business/Financial department are available to discuss these options further with you, so an informed decision can be made concerning financial arrangements.

3) What may I bring when moving into the facility?

Residents are permitted to retain and use personal possessions including appropriate clothing as space permits. Here is a list of hazardous items that are currently not permitted at Stella Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation.

4) May outside food be brought into the facility?

Yes, food may be brought in from outside of the facility for your loved ones. We would like to ask that any opened food to be kept in a sealed storage container. Please try to be aware of dietary restrictions and allergies when bringing food to your loved one. We also recommend that when bringing food into your loved one that you inform staff to make us aware should anything have changed or happen.

5) What are the visiting hours?

Families and visitors may visit loved ones at any time. There are no set visiting hours. Outside doors are locked at night but located at the main entrance is a doorbell to notify nurses of anyone wanting to come in during these times. We view this facility as the “home” of each resident. We would ask that if visiting in evenings and weekends that noise levels be kept at an appropriate level as they would be in your own home. Please be courteous when visiting and respect the residents’ hours of sleep and medical conditions.

6) Can residents leave with their families? Can residents stay overnight with their families?

Yes, most residents may leave the facility with friends and family members. Visiting with friends and families away from the facility is permitted and encouraged. We do ask that you sign your loved one in and out at the nurse’s station and inform nursing staff prior to the resident leaving the facility so medications can be given or sent with the resident. Also, please make sure and give the facility as much advanced notice as possible so we may better support in any travel. Additionally, no resident that is currently receiving Medicare Part A benefits is allowed to be out of the building overnight due to government regulation.

7) How will I take my family member to doctor visits?

Stella Manor provides transportation to and from appointments.  We do ask for a 7 day notice if you or your family member makes the appointments so proper transportation can be arranged.

8) Do I bring my family member’s medication upon admission?

No, once your family member is admitted to the facility, the facility will order and reorder all medication that is needed for your stay

9) Can we speak with a resident when calling the facility?

Yes, our facility is equipped with multiple telephones throughout the facility for available use for our residents, family members and staff.

10) Is Stella Manor a smoke-free facility?

Stella Manor is a smoke free facility but designated smoking areas are provided for our residents that smoke. For the safety of our residents, regularly scheduled smoke breaks are planned throughout the day.